Ayagaures is a canyon and stretches about 12 km from Aqualand in Maspalomas to the Ayagaures reservoir. In the south of Gran Canaria, hidden between gorges, lies the village of Ayagaures. Its inhabitants live in traditional small houses built from the stones of the gorge itself, in the middle of a dry landscape with isolated patches of endemic vegetation. The many traditional activities that have been preserved in this village, such as cattle breeding or the making of natural stone walls, are an expression of the closeness of its inhabitants to nature and the harmony between man and nature. A nature in which the small stone houses seem to merge.

The name Ayagaures means “between two mountains” in the native language. The beauty of the nearby reservoir, one of the most important on the island of Gran Canaria, determines the landscape, as does the vegetation itself: palms, dragon trees and pines mingle here among the simple stone houses that cover the landscape. You can reach the village by car, but it is better to hike on the trail from San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The tourist office of San Bartolomé offers detailed information about the route.

Nearby beaches are Playa de Meloneras 14,5 km and Playa del Inglés 16, 7 km

Airport: 42,7 km

Maspalomas: 13,5 km

Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 68 km

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