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The Royal Decree D 235/2013 of 5 of April 2013 entered into force on June 1st 2013, by which all buildings, houses and apartments that will be rented or sold, must have an energy efficiency certificate. Here the most relevant questions in this context:


What is energy certificate?

It is a document that indicates the status of energy efficiency of a building or part of it (apartment, shop, office etc.). The rating must be recorded in an official agency of the autonomous community to have the character of certificate.


Who is required to have the energy certificate?

The owner or the building promoter who wants to sell or rent their properties must have the energy certificate from next June 1st of 2013. In addition, both the owner and the building promoter (or your advisor with prior approval) are responsible to submit the certificate to the appropriate agency for registration and get the energy label. All persons, companies or real estate agencies are required to include in the promotion, sale, and advertising relating to the sale or rental of property the energy certificate.


When is it mandatory to have the Energy Certificate?

From of June 1st 2013 will be required to have the energy certificate to rent or sell real estates and this document must be delivered to the purchaser or to show the new tenant.


How long is the Energy Certificate valid?

10 years and the owner is responsible for the renewal or update pursuant to the stipulations of the competent agency of the autonomous region.


How much will cost the energy certificate?

It depends on the size of the property. We can make an offer.

What consequences are if you do not have the certificate when selling or renting?

The royal decree determines some sanctions for breach of this statutory requirement in every sale or rental of a property. There will be three types of sanctions, a slight, serious and one other, very serious. The amounts will be 300 to 600 € for slight infringements, 601 to 1.000 € for the serious, and from 1.001 to 6.000 € for the very serious.


There are buildings that are exempt from the energy certificate?

Yes there are some, the most important for our market are isolated buildings with less than 50 m².

Who can make this certificate?

All Industrial Engineers, Technical Engineers, Architects and Technical Architects.

What´s the meaning of the certificate?

It’s similar like washing machines or refrigerators rating. The rating is from A (the best) and G (the worst). It also includes recommendations to improve efficiency.


What will Carralero Real Estate do?

Unfortunately, the authorities not have given the owners a lot of time to adjust to this new law. We can advise you to get the certificate as soon as possible, please contact us.